Tip's on buying a good Quality Golf Cart
                                                                 Shop around;
Do comparison shopping, there are 3 main manufacturers of golf carts Ez-go, yamaha,& Club Car, try to stick to one where
you can get service for it in the area, for down the road.
When you price carts try to stick to the same year, it does make a difference.
For instance the difference between a 02 and a 011/2 Ez-Go is the front end, the 011/2's and up have rack & pinion steering
which means better steering ,plus the cart can now accept 20" tires for that little bit of lift and a bigger foot print for
campground and such.
In yamaha theres a change from 93-g2 to 94-g14 to a 95-g16 so you get the drift, so when you comparison shop try to
keep to the same year/model or ask questions to see if there is a difference.
 Add ons
What do you plan on doing with the cart, that is one of my first questions i ask people. It helps me decide which cart is right
for them.
It does make a difference if you want lifted/rearseat/ what cond.  They want it in ,clean almost scratch free or something for
the kids to beat around on.
If going with a lift kit, stick with a factory authorized one, believe me there is a big difference between that and a after
market one, plus it helps on the resale, if you install a after market kit on a cart and sale it,you could be liable if someone
tips over and gets hurt there just not as stable as a factory kit. Something to think about.
Rear seats  are not cheap, try to stick to steel ones they will support the weight better then the aluim ones and plan on
putting overload springs on the rear, otherwise you will get a rear end sag with weight.
I f you plan on doing any of the above, buy a good quality cart first, you can always put the add ons, on down the road.
It don't pay to but a old cart with these items on, because you still have an old cart ,unless it has been reconditioned or the
motor has been overhauled. A lot of people will do that, just to sell the cart.

 The motor
it's the main thing on a golf cart. It controls your performance/power, the fuel pump.
Ask what the compression is Yamaha should be 178-normal  140 low end Ez-Go 140 normal below that on the low side
when you get towards the low side ,you still will be okay but realize that down the road you will need some engine work. I try
to stick with 02's and newer, they have only had one term on the golf course, and are still fairly fresh usually 160 comp.
Which is really good.

I hope this little article helps I will be updating as time goes by; any Question's feel free to email me
                                                                                                                                             Golf Cart Prices
             New - Stock No Add on's starting around $5,000.
             Anything in the 80"vintage / oil injected around $1,000.

             Starting around 1990 to 1995 around $1,500, depends on condition. Don't matter if there lifted or not, you can adjust a little to the
price, THERE STILL A 25 YEAR OLD CART. I have seen these carts go for $3,000 TO $4,000 WASTE OF MONEY.

     1995 TO 2001 Around $2,000, depends on condition -17 to 20 year old cart, a lot of these the motors are getting weak ready for some
Eng. Work make sure they have been gone thru by a expert not a want to be.

             2002-2008 a lot of updates started happing in these years, add on's are readily available the old ones not so. Good rule of thumb is
$100. To $150. Per year is the price difference. So a 2008 around $2,900. These prices are based on new Battery, belts filters, all tuned up
.From there the prices jump to around $200. Per year.  Because your with in the 10 year old area, a lot more changes.
These are all basic prices, you start adding led lights, rear seat kits, windshields mirrors, will add to the price.
The newer ones are more money but will hold there resale value, a lot better then the older ones.

     The electric carts are a lot more variable in price-due to changes in controllers thru the years and ease of fixing. Some models darn near
have to stand on your head to fix. Batteries which is a third of the cost of a cart, good ones run around $800 to $1,000 for good brand name
ones only about 3 or 4 out there so if you see new batteries listed on add,  look out ask Questions.
Pet peeve of the year,
             People calling, asking step by step on how to fix there golf cart, my time is worth money, while I'm on the phone i should be working
on a customers cart that he's waiting for, my time is worth something. Do you call a garage up to learn on how to fix your car and find out
whats wrong with it or to barrow certain tools, this is a business.
                                                     If you bought the cart from me its a different story.

      But people that buy a golf cart from a car dealer or somebody who does it to make a fast buck and are not certified or licensed in golf
cart sale's and repair
     Just to save a couple hundred dollars from a licensed dealer. That money will be spent in the long run just to fix what should have been
done before it was sold.  
                                              So again buyer beware,
                                                                     ask Questions,