About Our Business

We are located in  Lake City Mn.
On The Corner of 7th & W. Jefferson Street

We back up what we service.
This is all I do, I don't do 4 wheeler's or Snowmobile, or Change oil in vehicles
I concentrate on one thing to be the Best at servicing the Golf Cart Customer.

Been in Business since 2007
I'm a small time Dealer, I try to keep over head low,
no radio ad's, or fancy showrooms or coupons in the paper, somebody is paying for that, the CUSTOMER,
my prices are lower then most and the Quality of cart is better because i don't have to push alot of carts
out the door
just to pay for the overhead!
My Advertisement is by Word of Mouth & Satisfied Customers which is better then any Radio add.

We carry a supply of parts on hand, and what we don't have, we can get in a couple of days.

We have pickup and delivery service available, In the local area.

I have been working with golf carts for a number of year's.   

From lift kit's and aggressive tires,
to a rear seat for the kids,
to a nice cart just to go visiting in.

We have had allot of demand from farmers for golf carts to replace 4-wheelers, which by the time we get done, can go through rough terrain and with a cargo box .

You tell us what you want, and what your needs are.

We know where your coming from, and can set you up with right cart, that's meant for you
Kevin C Kahl