2013 Ez-Go Reconditioned, Lifted, Rear Seat, golf cart $9,875

2013 Ez-Go, Reconditioned, 13 HP, Infernal Red Body, Led Lights, ¼ Thick Tainted Windshield, Overhead Mirror, Custom Steering Section, Ecosound Blue Tooth Speaker System, New Floor Mat, Rocker Panels, Custom Sweet Seats in Front, Locking Cubby Doors,  Flip Flop Rear Seat Kit, with Deluxe Safety Bar,  With Matching Cushions, Rear Arm Rests with Cup Holders, all This Mounted on a 5 inch Lift Kit with 22 inch Tires on 12 Inch Rims, With Wheel Flairs, $9,875 (out the door)   waiting on matching rear seat. (TRADE ON YOUR OLDER GOLF CART}

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We sell top Quality used golf carts, at below avg. price compared to the other dealers,

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I have seen diff. from $500. to a $1,000. Compare our prices to anybody else we won’t be beat. We Don’t just sell carts, like the other guy’s.

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We Service what the other guy sold. I’m Now Offering what other Dealer’s don’t! 60 Day Warranty on all carts sold. If They do now, its because I started it. Excludes “As is Carts”. 30 days on 12 volt batteries brought in for exchange, used batteries in electric carts

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We don’t just sell cart’s, We try to fit the cart to the customer! For the camper it could be Rear Seat to a Lift-Kit or both. For on the farm it could be Lift Kit with a cargo Box on the rear. For the Golfer maybe just a nice clean cart, with Alum. Wheel’s.